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Herniated Spinal Discs, Explained

A bulging or slipped disc is a frequent cause of low back pain and neck pain. For people who suffer from chronic back pain, determining the cause is the primary and most crucial step in eliminating it. In people who suffer from lower back pain (and sometimes neck pain), a herniated disc can be a…
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Prioritizing Spine Health in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic shut the door on much in 2020, but not back pain. As I write this final blog in the year that was 2020, I’m sure I am not alone in hoping for a brighter, healthier New Year. People worldwide are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in various ways – from the extreme…
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The Lifecycle of Back Pain in Women

Biological circumstances that are unique to women can influence the way they experience back pain. BACK PAIN IS ONE OF THE highest reported reasons for pain, discomfort and disability among men and women in the United States. But did you know that the way it manifests, and the conditions it can lead to, differ between the…
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How to Keep Your Spine Happy While Working – or Learning – at Home

With many students learning remotely this fall, a focus on maintaining spine health is essential. With the COVID-19 pandemic still a significant consideration throughout the U.S., many students are attending school online. Whenever humans engage with screen technology, proper posture and spine health are invariably put at risk depending on use. That spine health and back…
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3 Back Pain Causes in Men

Though male and female spines possess the same anatomical structure, the issues a man experiences may be different.
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4 Smart Spine Remedies & Avoiding the ‘Snake Oil’

There are countless back pain ‘remedies’ available today – but how effective are they? As is the case with many “miracle” lotions, potions, and gadgets touting claims to restore health, most back pain “cures” on the market today aren’t worth the money, hassle, or headache. As a spine specialist, I know all too well the…
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Learn About Spinal Health and Related Topics

Bringing Minimally-Invasive Surgical Techniques Worldwide

Having been in surgical practice for multiple decades now, I have seen the incredible strides the United States has made ...
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Regenerative Medicine for Spine Conditions

The ability to use the body's own tissue to help heal itself has a lot of potential. YOU'VE PROBABLY HEARD the ...
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What the Spines of Astronauts May Reveal About the Rest of Us

You don’t have to be a space traveler to heed some good spine health advice. Since I am the proud ...
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5 Qualities to Look for in a Back Pain Treatment Provider

When it comes to chronic pain of any kind – whether it's in your spine or elsewhere on your body ...
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