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Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Minimally invasive spine surgery is a concept that is used to afford better patient outcomes with shorter hospital stays, less blood loss, and fewer days of recovery.  Minimally invasive spine surgery is “muscle sparing”, utilizing techniques to access the spine that result in less trauma to the surrounding tissues.  Dr. Anand is a leading expert on minimally invasive spine surgery. He performs these types of surgeries through smaller incisions without damaging the muscle tissue and sparing the ligaments and surrounding tissues. This helps his patients get back to normal life sooner.

Dr. Anand began adopting this philosophy after years of training in traditional spine surgery.  He witnessed the trauma sustained by the muscles and surrounding tissues with traditional techniques.  Desiring to investigate ways of minimizing this trauma and improving the experience of spine surgery patients, Dr. Anand trained in endoscopic techniques, motion preservation techniques, and has pioneered many techniques in minimally invasive spine surgery especially for spinal deformity. Over the years, he has succeeded in achieving the outcomes of traditional spine surgery through minimally invasive approaches.  Since beginning his own practice in 2000, he continues to be an active FDA investigator, and incorporates minimally invasive techniques daily into his patient care. 

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